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IPEM discussed train for MCD

The choice of suitable trains for the MCD was discussed at the Institute of Natural Monopolies.

More suitable trains for transportation along the Moscow Central Diameters are Swallows, EP2T and EG2TV (Ivolga), according to Sergei Belov, Deputy Director General of the Institute of Natural Monopolies Problems (IPEM).

Taking into account the experience and needs of passengers traveling on the “Swallow” on the MCC, a train is necessary, not inferior in terms and conditions. However, the cars “Swallows” due to a larger share of imported components are almost twice as expensive as other trains. Therefore, the train “Swallow” is considered as one of the variants of trains for the MCD.

The option of purchasing EG2TV (“Oriole”) or EP2TV is also considered. Unlike the “Swallow” trains, which offers only five or 10-carload performance, the trains EP2Tv and EG2Tv offer a wider choice of options for execution.

The cost of travel to the MCD is still being discussed, while the total cost of building the MCD is approximately calculated, and it can cost about 60 billion rubles.

IPEM on a regular basis conducts macroeconomic analysis of changes in production
potential of Russia as a whole. This approach allows the most comprehensive study of
Problems arising in the activities of natural monopolies.