Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Certification in Belorussian National Certification System

We provide the following certification of products:
Textiles and textile products

Fabrics made from synthetic staple fibers containing by weight at least 85% of such fibers, for technical and industrial applications

Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibers (excluding fabrics of yarns of different colors) for technical and industrial use

Nonwoven materials without coating weighing more than 150 g / m2 and their products (except apparel)

Rubber and plastic
Hoses and hoses of vulcanized rubber (excluding hard rubber) Gaskets, washers and other seals of vulcanized rubber Hard rubber (for example, ebonite) in all forms, including waste and scrap; Solid rubber articles, including combs barrettes, curlers, etc. Plates, sheets, film, foil and strip made of plastics other Other articles of plastics
Products metallic mineral

Safety glass (shatterproof) tempered for land transport

Glass multilayer insulation including windows

Parts of glass for lamps and lighting fittings, illuminated signs illuminated signs and similar products

Glass electrical insulators

Products glass for signaling devices and optical elements of glass, not optically worked, other than those included in the subcategory 23.19.22

Electrical insulators of ceramics, metal parts for overhead power lines and catenary

Sleepers, reinforced-concrete

Products from concrete or artificial stone, not included in other categories

Basic metals

Steel products used for railway or tramway

Metal products ready, except machinery and equipment

Other designs and parts of structures, plates, rods, angles, shapes and the like, of iron, steel or aluminum

Locks are designed for installation in vehicles, of base metal

Barbed wire of iron or steel; stranded wire, cables, plaited bands and the like, of copper or aluminum, not electrically insulated

Screws with a square head, including the capercaillie, of iron or steel

Electrical equipment

AC generators (synchronous)

Static converters Other

The equipment for the trip, switching or protecting electrical circuits with a nominal voltage up to 1000 V

Switchboards and other panel equipped with sensors for tripping switching or protecting electrical circuits, designed for voltage up to 1000 V

Switchboards and other panel equipped with sensors for tripping switching or protecting electrical circuits, designed for voltage up to 1000 V but not exceeding 72.5 kW

Other electric conductors with a rated voltage of 1000 V

Pointers glowing, illuminated display devices and the like, including road signs

Parts of lamps and lighting devices

Electric facilities and soil

Wood and products of wood and cork, except furniture

Ties wooden impregnated railway and tramway or processed in another way

Other transport equipment

Locomotives and tenders for railway locomotives

Cars propelled railway or tramway railcars and Track Vehicles (except vehicles for repair and maintenance)

Vehicles for repair and maintenance of railway or tramway

Railway or tramway rolling passengers, luggage and other special purpose wagons

Parts of railway locomotives, tram motor carriages and rolling stock

The certificate of conformity for products (in contrast, for example, from the letter of rejection about optional certification) is now an obligatory document in the conduct of trade on the domestic or foreign market, therefore, in each developed country there is a state system for confirming compliance with its principles of work and differences.

In the Republic of Belarus, as well as in Russia, there is a National System of Conformity Assessment, in which the certification procedure can take place in a compulsory or voluntary manner.

Procedure of certification procedure in the Republic of Belarus

In any country, imported and exported products undergo the procedure of confirmation (assessment) of compliance. To pass a voluntary conformity assessment in the Belarusian system, the applicant will be required to submit an application with a full set of documents.

It is necessary to take into account several important points:

  • the application of test reports of products obtained in a laboratory (center) accredited on the territory of Belarus is possible within two years from the moment of their receipt;
  • a set of documents must be submitted in Russian;
  • Depending on the type of production and the selected scheme, additional documents may be requested by experts.

After submitting the application and the necessary documentation, experts conduct their verification. If there are no shortcomings in the documentation and after payment for the work, specialists will go to the sampling of the products and check the production (if required by the scheme). Samples are sent to an accredited center for testing. Based on the results of the work carried out, experts draw up the necessary documents and conclusions.

Based on the results of tests, inspections and expert opinions, an independent expert makes a decision to issue (refuse to issue) a certificate of compliance of the Republic of Belarus.

What to certify in the Belarusian system?

In the Republic of Belarus, the authorized bodies perform certification work in accordance with the current legislation, the provisions of the technical code of established practice and their scope of accreditation.

Our body provides the opportunity to undergo a voluntary procedure for confirming the compliance of the following types of products:

  • textile;
  • rubber and plastic;
  • mineral non-metallic;
  • metal;
  • steel;
  • wood.

And also electric and transport equipment (generators, converters, locomotives, wagons and others).

Actions in relation to issued certificates of conformity

In general, the grounds for suspending or canceling the validity of the certificate of conformity are:

  • non-compliance of products with the requirements of regulatory documentation, controlled by certification;
  • concealment by the owner of the certificate of compliance with negative information about product quality and safety checks;
  • change (introduction of new) regulatory legal acts on products or methods (methods) of tests that may affect the indicators that are confirmed during certification (if the holder of the certificate of conformity did not apply to the certification body in time);
  • modification of the structure (composition), the completeness of the products, which may affect the indicators. Certified at certification (if the owner of the certificate of conformity did not apply to the certification body in time);
  • changes in the organization and (or) technology of production, if the listed changes may cause a non-compliance with the requirements controlled by the certification (if the holder of the certificate of conformity did not apply to the certification body in time);
  • repeated receipt of justified claims to certified products;
  • negative results of inspection control over certified products;
  • the refusal of the owner of the certificate of conformity from the conduct and payment of inspection control.

Advantages of JSC “New Register”

New Registry JSC is an accredited certification body in the National System of Conformity Assessment of the Republic of Belarus. Our company provides its services in the territory of the Republic of Belarus from 2012. The experience gained in the certification of imported goods, as well as detailed knowledge of the features of the work allowed us to reduce the total time spent on certification. Also JSC “New Register” is different:

  • competence;
  • conscientiousness;
  • punctuality;
  • impartiality.

We propose to pass a voluntary assessment of compliance on favorable terms. We do not delay with carrying out tests or drawing up documentation, as we value the reputation of the organization. By contacting our company, customers receive fair prices for a wide range of services. On the site of JSC “New Register” you can see all our services (quality management system, certification of TR TS, declaration of TR TS, voluntary certification and others), our accreditation certificates, awards, as well as customer testimonials and convince ourselves of our professionalism.