Modern trading conditions have become the reason for the need to confirm the safety and quality of products to the established standards and standards requirements. For a confident position in the market and confirmation of the quality assurance of the products sold, the enterprise also needs to have a quality management system (QMS) certificate. To obtain a certificate of conformity for products, the enterprise will need to provide samples of products for its examination and certification tests, the volume of which depends on the type of product and the type of its production. To obtain a certificate of compliance with the quality management system, the enterprise will need to provide a full set of QMS documents, as well as provide access to production processes for on-site audit. The competent certification body is engaged in these works. JSC «New Register» offers its services for independent confirmation of safety and quality of products, as well as certification of QMS on favorable terms. We guarantee compliance with these deadlines, as well as ensuring impartial evaluation.

Main functions performed by certification bodies

Organizations engaged in conducting certification work have the right to issue declarations and certificates of conformity, suspend, cancel and renew their validity. All work is carried out in accordance with established rules. Our company carries out:

  • processing of the documentation provided by the applicant for obtaining a certificate;
  • sampling of products;
  • selection of centers and laboratories for testing;
  • analysis of the data obtained;
  • the decision to issue a declaration or certificate;
  • execution of the document;
  • rejection letter;
  • keeping the register and so on.

The decision to issue a document of compliance is made based on the results of the tests carried out and in some cases on the results of the production audit. As the company is responsible for issuing documents, we carefully review and analyze the data. The work is not affected by external factors, which ensures effective decision-making.

Certification of railway products in JSC «New Register»

The main activity of our company is to carry out work to confirm the compliance of railway products, as well as certification of productions and QMS. We carry out a number of services: Mandatory certification:

  • electric trains and electric locomotives;
  • devices of high-voltage protection;
  • air distributors;
  • wheels, axes, elements of the upper structure of the railway track and many other objects.

Registration of declarations for:

  • disconnectors of railway contact network;
  • crushed stone;
  • oil, grease, etc.

Voluntary certification:

  • quality management systems;
  • production of repair;
  • a number of railway products and equipment.

In addition to railway equipment and spare parts, our company is engaged in certification of metals, binding materials, textiles and other products. JSC «New Register» values its reputation and has a multidisciplinary, qualified and competent experts with many years of experience, whose professionalism allows carrying out work of varying complexity in a short time.

Certificate of conformity SDS ZHTITS

In JSC Novy Registry voluntary certification of railway products is carried out within the framework of the registered voluntary system for certification of railway transport and transport construction (SDS ZHTiTS). In this system, our company can conduct a voluntary confirmation of compliance with any type of railway equipment, quality management system or production. For the implementation of the relevant work and the subsequent execution of the certificate of conformity of the VTS VTsTS, the applicant must:

  • fill out an application;
  • provide a set of documents for products (QMS / production);
  • provide the necessary conditions for sampling and analysis of the state of production by our specialists.

You can find detailed information about the voluntary certification procedure in the relevant section of our website.

Certificate of conformity TR TS

Mandatory certification of railway equipment, rolling stock and its spare parts is carried out according to an algorithm similar to the voluntary certification procedure, but with several significant differences:

  1. Certification is carried out for compliance with the requirements of TR TS;
  2. The application of certification schemes is established TR TS.

The Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union is issued for the products indicated in the lists of the relevant TR vehicles and is an authorization document for its further import or export. More details about the procedure of mandatory certification you can find in the relevant section of our site.

Declaration of conformity

One of the forms of mandatory confirmation of the conformity of railway products is the declaration. JSC «New Register» is accredited for the work on registration of declarations of conformity under TRs TS 001, 003, 030 and 032. Our specialists will help to form the necessary set of documents and execute the declaration in the shortest possible time. Detailed information on documents, cost and timing of the declaration procedure can be found here.

Why it is necessary to come to the New register?

JSC «New Register» corresponds to all points of accreditation criteria and requirements of GOST R 17065 and is an accredited body in three systems:

  • The system of voluntary certification of railway transport and transport construction (certificate of accreditation No. SDS ZHTITS RU 004.OC of 09.12.2016);
  • The National System for Confirming the Conformity of the Russian Federation (Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.11AA85 of 14.07.2015);
  • National system of mandatory confirmation of compliance of the Republic of Belarus (accreditation certificate No. BY / 112 099.01 of 03.12.2012).

We work with products from Russian and foreign manufacturers, as well as offer services for the implementation of smk. For more than 7 years, we have been certifying products in our main office in Moscow. And since 2017 we provide services outside the region — in the Republic of Kazakhstan. New Registry JSC is a reliable body for certification of products, manufactures and quality management systems that conducts work based on modern quality standards. Financing of the certification body is carried out through its conformity assessment activities. For detailed information on the cost and types of services, please contact our specialists at the telephone number listed on the website. Choosing a new register, you choose your future!


Rjazanov Yuriy Valentinovich
Rjazanov Yuriy Valentinovich