Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Exemption letter

The certification body of JSC Novy Registry conducts work on registration and issue of denial (information) letters (hereinafter – letter), in accordance with the accreditation area of the certification body.

Letter – an official document issued by an accredited certification body, which states that the products specified in the letter are not subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance.

A letter is required in cases where it is not clear by which code of OKPD2 (the all-Russian classifier of products) to identify the product, or in accordance with the order of the FCS (Federal Customs Service) on the need to provide a certificate of product conformity.

The letter on the letterhead of the certification body is issued and stamped with it.

Sample refusal letter


There are two types of letters:

  • a letter for trade – to sell products on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • letter for the bodies of the Federal Customs Service – for customs clearance of products.

The information letter issued by the certification body is valid until changes are made to the documents specified in it or before the entry into force of the technical regulations for the declared products. The form of the request and the list and documents for the registration of the rejection letter can be downloaded on our website.

IMPORTANT!!! The letter is not a proof of the quality of products, therefore it is much better and more profitable to have a certificate of compliance of the declared products issued in the Voluntary Certification System to improve its competitiveness when selling the products on the market of the EAEC.

Where can I get a rejection letter for certification? What is the procedure?

1. Applying for a rejection letter for certification.

2. Processing your documentation:

  • those documents,
  • drawing (assembly),
  • description,
  • technical conditions,

in the presence of the SE statutory documents:

  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities,
  • contract with the customs representative,
  • contract or contract for the supply of requisites (company card.)

these are all copies certified by the organization’s seal (with an inscription or seal, the copy is correct, painting, printing).

3. Receiving a letter of resignation (in person or by mail)