Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Voluntary Certification

Russian legislation provides for the certification of products and services aimed at confirming their compliance with quality and safety standards. There is mandatory and voluntary certification, the process of passing is not different. To obtain a certificate of compliance, the manufacturer must file an application with the appropriate authority and fulfill a number of requirements.

The company “New Register” offers services on voluntary certification of products in the system of voluntary certification of railway transport and transport construction (SDS ZHTITS), based on professionalism, speed and quality. Independence in financing and administrative resources guarantees integrity. We exist on the market for several years and are familiar not only with the requirements of Russian legislation, but also with international standards, state standards of individual countries. Our specialists are ready to work of any volume and level of complexity.

What is the purpose of voluntary certification of goods in Russia?

In Russia and CIS countries voluntary certification is conducted in order to increase competitiveness and confidence in its own brand. The availability of a certificate gives a significant advantage when bidding for public procurement and inspires confidence in the quality of the goods and services received. In this regard, this procedure is in the zone of interest of the manufacturer and is carried out exclusively at his request.

List of objects subject to certification

Any objects that are not included in the list of products subject to mandatory certification can be subject to voluntary conformity assessment. This includes products made of rubber, plastics, metal and other material assets, the quality of which is assessed by a certain list of requirements. Service providers can also state their intention to confirm the quality and obtain a certificate of compliance.

The use of the sign of conformity

The voluntary certificate of conformity gives the holder the right to put a conformity mark on the product, its packaging and shipping documentation. In modern society, it guarantees the conformity of goods and services to the requirements of the GOSTs, specifications and other normative documents specified in the certificate, therefore it increases the consumers’ confidence in the manufacturer.

How to get a voluntary certificate of conformity?

The stages of obtaining a certificate of conformity include:

  • filling and registration of the application for certification;
  • its consideration and decision-making on the commencement of work;
  • carrying out of necessary tests, verification procedures;
  • analysis of the data obtained;
  • the decision to issue a certificate;
  • issue of the relevant document;
  • follow-up control of certified products.

The statement about the desire to receive a voluntary certificate is submitted by the manufacturer himself. He also specifies his individual requirements. It takes an average of two weeks to process an application. All the work of the body is carried out in accordance with the laws of Russia.

What documents are needed?

The standard package of documents required for voluntary certification to be successfully passed includes:

  • Certificate of EGRN (its copy), also about registration of IP, LLC;
  • The application filled out under the form, certified by the signature of the authorized person and the seal of the enterprise;
  • catalog of the product, goods or services subject to voluntary certification;
  • Detailed, all-inclusive description with the application of the relevant passports;
  • certificate of SMK;
  • accounting documents, contract, specification;
  • some products require an additional safety document.

In the case of the presence of all documents correctly completed and issued, the period for issuing the certificate of conformity will be 45 working days, excluding time for testing. The speed of its preparation can be affected by the scale of the enterprise, the complexity of the tests and other factors.

The procedure for passing

The procedure for passing voluntary certification of products starts from the moment of submission of the relevant application to the certification body, the subsequent conclusion of the contract and 100% of the payment for works. After that, the documentation is checked, the production status is analyzed (if the scheme is required) and the sampling of products for their subsequent shipment to the accredited testing centers (laboratories) to establish compliance with the requirements of standards, technical conditions and other documents.

A voluntary certificate is issued if all the tests are positive.

The cost of issuing voluntary certificates

The cost of our services depends on the location of the applicant, the specifics of the production and the list of necessary works. To get advice and ask any questions, please order a callback or call the number indicated above. Together with our specialists you will be able to get a certificate of compliance in the shortest possible time. The professionalism and long experience of our experts excludes the possibility of any delays. If you are interested in the certificate of conformity in the Belarus system, then for more detailed information go to the appropriate page.