Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Declaring in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

The Declaration of Conformity is adopted by the manufacturers in order to confirm the quality of the delivered goods. Lists of the declared products are in the annexes of the relevant Technical Regulations. In order to accept the declaration, the applicant must: determine the ownership of the product to the number declared, collect a set of documents in accordance with the paragraphs of the specific Technical Regulations, submit documents to the certification body for registration of the declaration. This document is the simplest in obtaining, but each type of product requires certain operations. A team of experienced specialists of JSC “New Register” will help you get a declaration of compliance in the shortest possible time at an affordable price.

What kind of declarations do we make?

JSC “New Register” performs registration of declarations concerning many components for railway transport and other railway products according to TR TS 001/2011, TR TC 003/2011, TR TC 030/2012 and TR TC 032/2013. The main types of registered declarations are:

  • Declaration of rubber products for brake systems of electric trains. Techniques and equipment that conduct current require the use of high-quality rubber products. The braking systems are not an exception, to the elements of which strict requirements are imposed. Our company will perform a full range of inspections and help customers in prompt receipt of the declaration.
  • Declaration of air tanks for car brakes. For the application of air tanks in the railway industry, according to TR ТС 001/2011 and the RF Government Decree No. 982 of 01.12.2009, it is necessary to have a declaration of conformity. We work in accordance with Russian law, which allows us to ensure compliance with all established requirements in work.
  • Declaration of brake cylinders. This mechanism significantly affects the safety of the vehicle. For this reason, it will take considerable time to obtain a document confirming the quality of the products. We undertake to perform all necessary work in the shortest possible time.

AO “New Register” also offers to receive declarations of conformity for other types of products for railway transport.

Required documents

With respect to products manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, the necessary documents for registration of the declaration are:

  • application for a declaration of conformity;
  • copies of constituent documents;
  • a contract confirming the right to own the product;
  • description of products (characteristics, materials, etc.);
  • technical documentation;
  • test reports;
  • the QMS certificate (if available);
  • other documents.

If the declaration is accepted with the participation of a third party, then to the set of documents listed above, it is required to provide the test reports carried out by the accredited IL (IC).

If the manufacturer is a foreign person, then to implement the imported products to the list listed above, a copy of the supply contract must be presented.

In the presence of all necessary papers, our specialists will quickly conduct the required set of works on the basis of established requirements and will register the declaration in just 5 days. We work on the principle of independence and impartiality, which guarantees the effectiveness and reliability of the results.

Why should you contact us?

Many owners of railway equipment, equipment and other products delay the receipt of a declaration of conformity. This is due to the complexity of the process, in which many organizations try to draw a significant amount of money. JSC “New Regulations” cherish their reputation. We are different:

  • Competence. Each employee of the company has extensive experience in the field of confirming the conformity of product quality.
  • Great experience. For more than 5 years we have been working in the field of attestation of conformity on the territory of Russia and abroad.
  • Compliance with deadlines. Thanks to the experienced team of professionals, we perform the work quickly and efficiently, which allows us to leave a good impression among the customers.

Our work does not depend on external factors. All inspections are carried out according to the regulations without the intervention of third parties. This allows us to guarantee the reliability of services. Addressing to JSC “New Register” you save personal time, exclude the risk of extra costs and get a high-quality result in the shortest possible time. For more information, please call +7 (495) 663-95-03.