Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Non-woven Geotextile

Name of product. Non-woven geotextile is designed to strengthen the main site of the roadbed.

Defined indicators:

  • Surface density, g / m2 GOST R50277-92;
  • Mechanical properties of GOST 15902.3-79, GOST 8847-85;
  • Hydraulic properties according to the guidelines for the use of polymeric materials (foams, geotextiles, geogrids, polymer drainage pipes) for reinforcing the roadbed during track repairs, the Russian Ministry of Railways 2001;
  • Chemical and biological stability of GOST 12020-72, GOST 9.049-91;
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation GOST 28205-89;
  • Geometrical dimensions are GOST 3811-72.

Cost of works: depends on the volume of tests.