Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Air tanks for cars automatic brakes railways

The air reservoir for car brakes is a container that contains air under high pressure. It is connected to the braking system of cars by a special fitting. This tank is designed to ensure braking of the car, if the main brake system fails or unexpectedly stops working. If this happens, the special mechanism starts the air under pressure into the braking system of the car, thus ensuring its braking down to a complete stop.

The tank is made of a strong, high-pressure resistant metal (steel) working medium. Its surface is covered with special, corrosion-proof compounds.

Strengthening of this capacity is made at the expense of special gasket rings.

This product is manufactured in accordance with GOST 1561-75. (Air reservoir for auto brakes of railroad wagons).

This is an important element of the braking system

Given that it provides emergency, emergency braking of the car, any of its malfunctions can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, the air reservoir for car brakes for railways must be capable at any time to work, be of high quality and be kept constantly in good order, to have the necessary air volume at a certain pressure.

To prevent the possibility of using low-quality, or non-compliant, GOST air tanks for car wagons of railroad cars, manufacturers who produce this commodity product are obliged to receive a declaration of conformity.

It is a document that indicates that such products manufactured by a particular enterprise can be used in braking systems of cars.

Our company provides services to ensure the declaration of air tanks for car brakes

We have experienced specialists of certain qualifications. They have special instruments and possess the knowledge required to carry out the declaration of this equipment at a high level of quality.

The firm makes a study of both product samples and the production process, the equipment on which it is manufactured and the materials from which it is produced. All this makes it possible to guarantee the complete conformity of the products that the company produces to the established standards, GOST.

Upon completion of work, we issue a declaration of air tanks for car brakes, which confirms the possibility of using these products manufactured by your company to equip the braking system of railway wagons.

We produce declarations for a small fee and at the same time we perform all works at a high level of quality. Having received the declaration, you can freely trade tanks, without violating the law, as your goods will be guaranteed to meet the established standards.