Certification in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulations

Separate rail fasteners

Separate rail fastening pads are one of the main elements of rail fastening and are rectangular metal plates that are installed between the rail and the tie, ensuring a reliable connection of the rail and the sleepers, preventing their mutual movement. They are made of steel.

HS Code of TN of the EAES: 7302

OKPD 2: 24.10.75

Normative documents: Pads meet the requirements of paragraphs 7, 12, 16, 23a, 23b of Article 4 of the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR TC 003/2011 “On the safety of the railway transport infrastructure”. They are made in accordance with the requirement of GOST 16277-2016 “Padding of separate fastening of the railway track. Technical conditions ».

Recommended schemes for certification of separate rail fastening pads:

  • single production – scheme 7C.
  • party – scheme 1C or 6C.
  • batch production – scheme 4C.

The cost of certification work consists of the cost of the main work and the testing of selected samples of a certain type. And it also depends on the certification scheme chosen by the applicant.